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With a large number of games and no dedicated customer service, Disney.com Guest Experiences is created to solve both parents’ and children’s gaming questions. It is a portal that can be accessed from Disney.com that contains a series of FAQs, announcements and support Q&A. The topics Guest Experiences covers ranges from console games such as Disney Infinity to mobile games such as Where’s My Water. One could easily browse the portal by game, or filter by device. One could also create a profile that contains a lists of games they play for quick access to help and support.

Guest Experiences was designed to have a similar overall look and feel to Disney.com. this was done to establish credibility and provide a similar navigation experience for visitors. The color scheme used is a very light gradient of grays, texts and links are black, links indicated by an underline composed of a series of small black round dots.

There are two versions of the disney.com top navigation, light and dark, used according to background content. The Guest Experiences portal takes advantage of both color schemes, using the light gray as the main color scheme and utilizing the darker gray gradient as markers for links to specific game pages. Using gray also helps to bring forth the contrast between background user interface and the colorful game icons present in the main page.

On the main page of the portal, content are organized hierarchically. Assuming that when the visitor comes to the portal, they usually have a specific game in which they need help with, the main page presents them with a list of the most popular console and mobile games, visually presented by a circular profile-photo style logo and a bubble containing the game name. The decision to put the name in text was due to the fact that multiple games are in a series and have the same indistinguishable artwork such as Where’s My Water and Where’s My Water 2.

Each section is grouped by the same light gray gradient window as the top navigation. A series of Top Support Answers can be found underneath the game pickers. Here, everything is organized in a grid that contains the game logo, a few preview lines of the Knowledge Base Article, and player’s ratings of the helpfulness of the article. Contents in here scrolls within the window, showing the top 10 Knowledge Base Articles.

Once the visitor clicks on a specific game, they are taken to the game-specific help page. Here showing an example for Disney Infinity. Each product page’s header is customized to reflect in game environment and characters. Here, contents are organized horizontally. The left side shows the different platforms the game is currently available on. For infinity, it could be available for Wii, WiiU, or mobile. If the visitor clicks on one of these, the content in the middle will be filtered to reflect only the support Q&A’s associated with the specific platform. The color gradient of the selection also reflects major color schemes of the game.


The middle row is expandable with support answers. The FAQ have categories that can be expanded to read more. Each of the articles only show a preview, and once they are clicked on, the destination would be a page dedicated to knowledge articles themselves. On the right shows a feed of the game’s Twitter page, similar to how the main page has announcements, to keep gamers in the loop for updates or product down-times.

After establishing the main page and product page, a series of game specific icons and banners were constructed for the header image. The icons are made for the front page, masked into a circular shape while headers are made for the game pages, featuring the most notable game characters, backgrounds, and logo. In certain instances, when the game is close to the end of its lifetime and no longer requires a product specific help page, it is categorized into a device page for console, mobile, or online.

Post the design sprint for Guest Experiences, many positive feedbacks were received amongst executives, project managers, and engineering. Consolidating the support system for all games of Disney Interactive has been a goal in the past year and will continue to be as more games are released. Working as a designer on a central technology team is a great experience as I was able to communicate and collaborate directly with others, even those internationally, to develop this platform that directly serves the players.

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